From children just beginning to get teeth all the way through adolescence into adulthood, Abington Center for Cosmetic and Family Dentistry is an excellent choice for family dentistry near Scranton, PA. We offer an array of different preventive and general dentistry services to keep your whole family’s teeth and mouth health optimal so that everyone can smile better.


What is Family Dentistry?

Family dentists primarily focus on providing general and preventive dental care to all ages, including pediatric dentistry for children. This can include general dental cleanings, fillings & extractions, endodontics (root canals), fluoride treatments, x-rays, and periodontal treatment.

Instead of visiting multiple dentists, you can take your whole family to Abington Center. Dr. Charles Dennis is an extensively trained dentist and endodontist who specializes in dentistry for everyone. Our entire team is dedicated to educating patients and providing unmatched care that keeps your teeth well maintained and healthy.


Family Dentistry & General Dentistry near Scranton, PA

Regular Cleanings & Dental Exams

Depending on you and your family’s unique dental needs, we create a regular appointment schedule with you. In most cases, patients will come in for a general cleaning and dental exam every 6 months as a preventative measure. This way, we can detect any irregularities, problems, cavities and address the cause of any pain.

Routine cleanings are done by a dental hygienist who will use special tools and work to remove any plaque buildup or tartar deposits from the surface of your teeth and around your gums. These visits help prevent gum disease and can treat mild forms of gingivitis. Dr. Dennis will then check in with the patient to make sure he can answer any questions you may have.


Fluoride Treatments & Dental Sealants

Fluoride treatments begin for children who have gotten their first tooth at 14-18 years old. Standardly, insurance companies do not cover fluoride treatments past age 18. The fluoride will sit on your teeth and work to prevent cavities and keep them strong. We advise you not to eat or drink 30 minutes after your fluoride treatment.

In some cases, Dr. Dennis or a hygienist may apply a dental sealant to your child’s teeth to prevent decay and keep them strong. Dental sealants are used most frequently for children aged 6-12 and can work to protect molars and other teeth.


Fillings, Cavity Checks, & Tooth Extractions

We check for cavities and any irregularities on your teeth and gums at each routine cleaning. Should we find a cavity, we work quickly to schedule an appointment for a filling, root canal, or extraction if necessary. Tooth extractions may also be performed if there is excess tooth crowding.

X-rays are recommended routinely at least every few years to ensure there are no cavities that cannot be seen on the surface. In some cases, cavities form between teeth can cause long-term damage if not treated properly.


Invisalign for Teens & Adults

For teenagers and adults who are looking for a discrete, money-saving, and quick option for fixing an array of different teeth misalignments, such as crooked teeth or an overbite, Abington Center is a Certified Invisalign Provider near Scranton, PA.

For more information, visit our Invisalign information page.


Periodontal Treatment to Prevent Gum Disease

Abington Center offers periodontal treatment and preventative measures like cleanings to prevent gum disease (gingivitis). Treatments vary from patient to patient but are not painful and are an effective way to keep your gums healthy.


When should I start taking my child to the dentist?

Within 6 months of your child’s first tooth coming in, it is good to set up an appointment to see us. If necessary, up to 12 months later, we recommend not waiting longer than that. Once your child is a patient at Abington Center, we are committed to providing dental care for every stage of development. In addition, we’ll work with you and your child to develop healthy oral hygiene habits early to ensure a healthy smile.

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While we love seeing our patients, we don’t enjoy seeing them in pain or discomfort. So follow these tips to prevent dental emergencies, cavities, gum disease, and other problems.

  • Brush your teeth 2x a day for at least 2 minutes
    • For children, you can use a fluoride toothpaste
    • For adults, it is recommended to avoid abrasive teeth whitening toothpaste as it can hurt your enamel and cause decay and tooth sensitivity over time.
  • Floss
    • Keep floss on you to avoid those uncomfortable moments of food stuck in your teeth. Even if you don’t feel anything, it’s essential to floss at least once a day still.
  • Mouthwash
    • Use mouthwash to help prevent gingivitis and bad breath. Our office can recommend brands to you if you’re unsure which is best for you.
  • Protect your children’s teeth for sports
    • If your child needs a mouth guard for contact sports, call our office to set up an appointment today. Mouthguards may also be an excellent option for those who grind their teeth (bruxism).
  • Don’t use your teeth as tools!
    • Prevent cracked, chipped, and broken teeth; avoid biting down on tough foods or using your teeth to open things/use them as a tool. If need be, Abington Center does offer Emergency Dentistry for those unexpected appointments.


Your Family Dentist near Scranton, PA

Contact our office today to schedule your or your child’s dentist appointment. We are located in Clarks Summit, PA, just a short drive from Scranton.

Robert T. Edmiston
Robert T. Edmiston
Modern, state of the art practice with warm inviting professional staff. Highly recommended!
Lizeth Fajardo
Lizeth Fajardo
Very professional, the staff maybe feel very comfortable, they explain me what I will need to be done.
Jeff MacDonald
Jeff MacDonald
Staff is amazing, everyone, so pleasant to deal with.
Mari Skelston
Mari Skelston
After a year plus absence from a dentist’s office due to relocation I faced a problem (toothache). I found Abington Center for Cosmetic and Family Dentistry. Dr. Dennis and the staff could not have been more accommodating, friendly, and professional. I anticipated feeling shame, embarrassment, and anxiety but instead was uplifted and welcomed. Thank you for easing my fear and anxiousness and giving me peace of mind and a pleasant experience.
Peter Frosini
Peter Frosini
Alison was friendly, quick and thorough with my cleaning today. Always good to see Dr. Dennis during my exam, and share a few good puns about life. All the best! /Peter F.
Joe Cianci
Joe Cianci
Great experiences! Super friendly and skilled staff from the front desk through the hygienist and doctor. Highly recommend!
Michele Yarnes
Michele Yarnes
I will never be able to fully express the gratitude for this dental practice and for what Dr. Charles Dennis did for me today. I had an emergent situation and no recourse and I found this dental practice on line when searching google. This wonderful doctor came in on his day off and met me at his office to start the first part of a root canal on a cracked tooth. I can't thank him enough and the friendly front office. I am a new client and my son will be coming over too. Thank you Dr. Dennis from the bottom of my heart.
Urwa Siddiqui
Urwa Siddiqui
I can’t begin to describe how happy I am with the work that Dr. Dennis and his team did on my teeth. Him and his team listened to each and every one of my preferences and accommodated every part in the most perfect manner. His team and him made sure I was 100% satisfied with everything and if I wasn’t, they would go back and work to make it better. They were very patient with me and worked endlessly to make sure I was happy. I can now smile with so much confidence and it’s all thanks to Dr. Dennis and his team. I’ve gotten my entire family to switch over to him for dental work and I will be recommending his practice to everyone I know around the NorthEast area. Seriously, if you want someone to treat you like a person and listen to you with a genuine interest to your satisfaction, there is no one better than Dr. Dennis & his team. From the front desk ladies (the sweetest people you will meet) to the dental team (Karen & Sam you guys made me feel so comfortable and so calm) to Dr. Dennis himself (a highly intelligent and hard working man), everyone went above and beyond. Can’t thank them all enough!